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  1. no airbus is able to do an aerobatic manuver of any kind due to the electronic pitch and roll restrictions placed on the aircraft in manufacturing. Boeing on the other hand does not have these restrictions and therefore has the ability to do stunts and also has done barrel roles in their aircraft

  2. We specialize in air-to-air shoots and goglen is right: Altough it is extremely challemging to shoot without camera distractions, flares and blinking, it is definitively possible when you take care of the positioning of the cameras and the flight angle relatively to the sun etc. The music is really cool, but the cut is a desaster. Moreover some Adobe After Effects applied and some Red Bullet Mojos added, the whole movie would look far more cineastic. Maybe next time 😉

  3. Seriously, the editing cuts are FINE!
    They fit the particular style and feel the cinematographer was aiming for.
    It emphasised the sense of scale being dealt with in shot.

    You can't just say someone's hard work is "dreadful"; it is art in it's own right.

  4. Great idea, great airplanes, the the topic about bad edition, sadly true – too sharp scene changes, there are better examples on youtube. :/

    At least the scene changes go with the sound beat at the end….

  5. Oh boy Breitling just entered the perfect shit storm from disgruntled teenage haters.. people with no videos hating the editing…
    people that have videos made by plates of spinning food that makes you directly motion sick and turns you of food instantly…
    I like the video.. the time and effort that must have gone into planning and training for that…and the money spent actually shooting that… well done.

  6. @gomilao Do you mean bad like your video with the spinning plates that actually gives you motion sickness and really do not want to eat anything of the spinning plates of food… if thats your version of bad then no…

  7. Dreadful camera scene-blinking. No flow, no grace. Everytime the music went to a high note, image jumped to A380 only, then with chorus backed off. Jerky is not "magnanimous", it is a desperate attempt to look cool because you don't know anything about cinematography.

    This could have been really cool if they would have shown the stunt jets "flowing" into formation with the A380… and, the A380 doing a barrel-roll or something 🙂

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