British Airways | Airbus A380 | LAX LHR | World Traveller Plus, featuring:

– Check in
– Terminal scenes
– LAX OneWorld business lounge
– On board menu
– Pushback and start
– Taxi
– Takeoff
– Climb
– Cabin overview
– Bar service
– Meal service
– Skymap
– Breakfast service
– Descent
– Approach
– Landing
– Arrival
– Shutdown

September 2014


  1. Nice video! I have to comment on BA's Business class on the A380 is probably the most cramped of any of the airlines flying the A380. I usually fly upper deck in business class and BA has managed to add one additional seat in Business Class row making things just that much tighter and their sardine can style really isn't for the benefit of the passengers' comfort.

  2. I would've liked this better if you would've shown the seat and legroom and outlets and all that comes with a World Traveler Plus seat.

  3. I'm flying the same route on same aircraft in world traveller plus as well in February is it possible to go down to the lower deck mid flight? Via any if the stairs if you're in world traveller plus? Would love to get a pic of the huge wing from down there

  4. I didn't know World Traveller Plus could use the Business Lounge. Have flown from Phoenix several times and only Club World and First were allowed there … something changed ??

  5. Startlingly quiet! I haven't been on one yet, but that will have to change. Hopefully before too much longer! It will be Premium for me on my next long trip. I am over economy. Too old for it, these days!

  6. That is one crazy-quiet airplane!  I could barely hear anything at take off and even on landing with reverse-thrust I heard no difference.  Was that just the video, or is it indeed that quiet?  Thanks!

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