An outstanding flight with British Airways! We travel from Los Angeles, California, to London, UK. We do so on one of British Airways’ fabulous A380 aircraft in First Class, seat 1A (the best in the house, at least I think so anyway!).

You’ll see inside the splendid OneWorld First Class Lounge at LAX, plus a full walkround and video of the dinner service. Boarding, takeoff, landing, cruise…this video covers it all. There’s even a second dinner onboard courtesy of British Airways’ dine on demand service in First.

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  1. I am a very big fan of your videos. Unfortunately, I have stumbled upon a user who copied some of my flight reports as well as some of yours. His channel name is 'Raul Larsen'. I Just wanted to give you a heads up. Keep up the good work. Safe travels!

  2. First class and BA ….Oxymoronic ! At best it's equivalent to a good business class just like BA Club World is barely better then many premium economy services on top airlines. It can't be compared to real first class airlines go fly Etihad, Lufthansa, Swiss, Cathay, Singapore etc and it will show up just how bad BA is in f.

  3. Good video as usual. One think I've always wondered about First Class trip reports in general on YouTube. I've watched loads, but none of them ever have celebs in view. There must be one or two about, either in the lounge, or during boarding, or in the cabin. The channel owners must all be a decent sort choosing not to be intrusive 🙂

  4. Great TR ! My favourite parts are the Lounge and Food/Drink on board. I always feel a bit self conscious when taking photos on board or in the lounge so a big thumbs up from me.

  5. Another First Class report ! Very Nice. I love many things about this trip, you flew from TBIT which is a terminal I now really enjoy, you flew First Class and it was the A380 and you had seat 1A. Pretty much a really enjoyable trip to take. Was it Bumpy flying over Nevada at all ? The food looked good, no complaints from me. What was your pre-landing drink ?.

    You had a very nice day to land at LHR, better than most of the cloudy / rainy days.

    A wonderful trip report, thank you for posting. Makes me look forward to my 1st class flight on BA from JNB-LHR I have coming up, it's been almost 9 months since I flew BA First. (I know first world problems)

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