To celebrate the maiden flight of our first Airbus A380, we profile some of the key crew roles within our fleet.

Introducing Martina – part of Etihad Airways award winning Cabin Crew team.

Our Cabin Crew are known for their hospitality, smiles, excellent service, can-do attitude and incredible attention to detail.

Flying Reimagined


  1. he is just 4.5 years old n dreaming to b a pilot. this summer vacation we r planning to fly by Etihad so he wants to meet pilot n request him to allow to sit for few mins on pilots seat.

  2. Iam a filmmaker, and love the ETIHAD COMMERCIALS , My dream is to work with a film crew on an ETIHAD commercial i would happily work for free.

  3. i'm about to apply for a position of lounge agent at two different places, one being AUH and the other MAN. is the recruitment process simular or the same to the one of cabin crew? do lounge agents get same benefits (payed flight from home country, payed appartment, payed transportation to work etc)? thanks!

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