More than 220,000 passengers have flown the two-class A380 on over 450 flights since it first entered service in December 2015. The Emirates’ two class configured A380 features 58 flatbed seats in Business Class and 557 spacious seats in Economy Class, as well as Emirates’ popular OnBoard Lounge. Emirates has 4 two-class configured A380s in its fleet of 74 A380s.


  1. What the hell they made it crap with the 2 class, just leave it 3 class.F.Y.I my dad is a captain for emirates and he operated the A380 so i go on it alot.

  2. Love that song but emirates should shorten the safety video because I get annoyed when eatch minut im interrupted of my movie by a reminder or message.

  3. Flown business class on the A380 many times but service got so bad I changed to another carrier, once even the TV didnt work in FIRST……..unbelievable

  4. For the price of one economy-class ticket, Emirates could've produced a decent video that wasn't filled with bad audio and obvious post-stabilization.

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