A series of close-up landings at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport.
Let’s do the rundown:
-Airbus A380-841 Thai Airways HS-TUE
-Airbus A340-642 Qatar Airways A7-AGC
-Boeing 787-8 Ethiopian Airlines ET-AOP
-Airbus A310-308 Air Transat C-GLAT
-Airbus A380-841 Singapore Airlines 9V-SKM
-Boeing 737-800 Turkmenistan Airlines EZ-A017
-Airbus A330-323 US Airways (Now with American Airlines) N270AY
-Boeing 777-328(ER) Air France F-GSQE
-Airbus A340-313 Cathay Pacific B-HXE
-Airbus A330-243 Air Transat C-GTSZ

Note the US Airways was shortly after repainted to American Airlines livery as the first A330 in the AA fleet.

Enjoy these 10 big birds touch down in just 4 minutes.


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  1. among al the videos ive watched, i really loved yours due to the addition of ATC. really makes these landings come alive. keep it up man. a like and subscribe from me!

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  3. 02:41 same US Airways pilot as : 

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    03:30 The Cathey Pacific A340 is missing a set of 2 wheels in the middle section of it's main landing gear 😉 

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