– Complete Business Class flying experience on Emirates Airbus A380 (with detailed Annotations).

Airline: Emirates
Equipment: Airbus A380
Genre: Complete In-Flight Flying Experience on Emirates Business Class
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This video was shot on the day the biggest blizzard in history hit New York/JFK (The Blizzard of 2010). The JFK was shut down for nearly day and half that left thousands of pax stranded. Incidentally, this Emirates A380 was the first flight to take off once the airport was opened the following morning.

Flight Details –

We take off from JFK at 6am for a 13 hour flight to Dubai. We land at Dubai at 3:20am (local time).
Much of the entire flight 13 hour flight was in the dark! We were served a meal upon departure and the crew went by closing all the window shades. Most of the passengers slept the entire way or watched theit TVs, it was really quiet.

Personally, I never really saw daylight! I did sleep for 5-6 hours in between and by the time I woke up, it was dark again. Anyways on this video here, you will see –
– the boarding past the First Class section
– all the pre flight amenities
– a kickass take-off roll
– the flatbed
– some of the meals and snacks
– the Airbus 380 Inflight Entertainment
– the upperdeck lounge/bar
– toilets with windows
…and you will be able to soak in the entire overnight flying experience.

Part II of this video –
Westbound from Dubai to JFK and the entire flight is during daylight.
The experience of the two is quite different. On that video I have a complete upper and lower deck cabin walk thru, different views out of the different sections of the aircraft as well a comparison of the different noise levels in different parts of the plane.

Sony HDR CX150 with Sony Wide Conversion Lens VCL-HGA07B

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  1. I'm flying my first ever Emirates Business Class flight to Sydney Australia tomorrow. This is just awesome, thanks for the inflight experience!

  2. 3:40 The flight is so quick you don't even have time to put your free socks on! Don't think much of the "Bar". No in-flight guitar stand, no small private pharmacy. I take it they don't have a 'Rock musician' class?
    btw. For the hard of thinking, this is just a bit of fun.
    Nice video, thanks for sharing with us.

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