Complete flight on Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380 from London Heathrow to Kuala Lumpur – February 2013. From boarding, during the flight and disembarking. Flight almost empty so managed to get a window row of 3 seats, very pleasant. Great food and service!


  1. kemalangan yang telah menimpa pesawat malaysia tahun lalu harus dijadikan iktibar… bukannya menyalahkan antara satu dengan yang lain… setiap yang berlaku ada hikmah dan cerita disebaliknya… buang yang keruh ambil yang jernih… kepada pramugari dan pramugara MAS lepas ni tolong beri layanan lebih baik lagi baru orang akan hormat… tak nak lagi orang sebut2 pramugara dan pramugari MAS sombong… ingatlah hebat mana pun kita tinggi mana pun kita terbang mati sedang mengekori kita…

  2. Mas should stop being malaysia national carrier because of bad practice among management and sub ordinates thinking that the airline is the best and nothing could beat mas for best airlines. But what happened. Shameful. Air asia management is supeerb with tony frrnandez.

  3. Renungkan semua rakyat Malaysia  beratus ribu orang terbunuh dari bencana Alam setiap kali Tuhan Bagi ,,kita hanya di cuit  hanya dengan kapalterbang sahaja mengelupur keluar statement,renung-renung kan semua,,,

  4. komen kat bawah ni macam tak bolih terima ujian Allah keatas hamba nya,,mcm tak bolih terima kenyataan pulak yg malapertaka turun atas hambanya atas kehendakNYa,,tak ada sapa bolih menahan nya,,kena ujian sikit dari Allah mengelabah buat statement ,belum lagi kena Gempa Bumi ke,,Turnado ke,,atau Tsunami ke?,,Taupan mcm Phillipina ke??sekali membunuh beribu orang,,mcm Japan pun sama Gempa Bumi dgn Tsunami membunuh Beratus-ratus jiwa,,or Selalu Turnado Dekat US sekali kena sampai berates-ratus jiwa terbunuh atau China Gempabumi pun sama berates-ratus jiwa atau Indonesia Gempabumi dengan Tsunami membunug Beratus Ribu Nyawa,,,Cuba mari semua Kita rakyat Malaysia Renungkan malapertaka yang menimpa seluruh Dunia ,adakah kita semua terfikir?????bertapa dahsyat nya Malapertaka yang Tuhan turunkan kepada Mereka tersebut??kita di uji dengan kapalterbang sahaja sudah mengelabah buat statement,,kena cuit sikit sahaja tu,,mengelupur komen ,2014,,

  5. The two incidents on mss flight recently might be god punishment because mas cabin crew show off to malay passengers that as if they are high class and only care caucasian on their flight.. but they ignore malay passangers that nothing in their eyes…

  6. Tragedi udara yang kena 2 kpltrbng mas mungkin balasan tuhan kerana pramugari mas berlagak kepada penumpang melayu nk menunjuk nunjuk kononnya mereka high class melayan org putih sahaja dan mrmandang rendah kepada penumpang melatu.

  7. Hi SwanInnSongkran, just a further follow up in relation to the below. Please could you confirm via email that you consent to our use of a few seconds of the attached in our documentary?

  8. Hi SwanInnSongkran, thanks for the upload. Great video. As we've not been able to get in touch over the last few months, we've gone ahead and used just a few seconds (3 seconds) of your video in our documentary film. We hope this is ok and would be very grateful if you could please confirm via email at your convenience.

  9. Thanks, I'll be flying to London with MH next month. Read a lot of bad reviews that the state of the cabin is horrible but I don't see that here at all.

  10. That's a couple of really great videos you have produced. I'm flying with Malaysia Airlines in about three weeks (same route) and I know now what to expect of the airline.

  11. Hi SwanInnSongkran, just following up on the below. Would it be ok to use 3 seconds from your video in our documentary film? we will credit you in the end roller. james.mcdonald.midfield@gmail.­­com

  12. hey dededada122 you dont hav to be rich to board planes..become stewardess n you will spend most of your life in the sky .

  13. Hi SwanInnSongkran, I am making a documentary and part of the story involves a person landing at an airport and departing the plane. Would it be ok to use 3 seconds of your video in the documentary? we will credit you in the end roller. please can you let me know.

  14. I'm going to be doing this same journey at Christmas – nice to see what it's going to be like. Thanks for sharing. I was impressed by how very polite both the uploader and all the cabin crew were!

  15. If not mistaken there should be 2 full meal service (Lunch & Dinner) or (Supper & Breakfast) with a snack in between the full meals.

  16. To be honest,I never flew MH in my whole life and probably never in the future instead ,because I was born in poorly family and never affort to gain a ride at all

  17. Poor guy had to sit in the back.. honestly you shouldn't have filmed this if your riding economy.. I hear their 1st class is sick!

  18. They can make the planes huge but the windows are the same size as their A320. Poor seat comfort. Sorry no more airduck flights for me. If it aint boeing in aint flying.

  19. Hi SwaninnSongkran, I am making a documentary and I would very much like to use a few seconds of your film in it. Literally about 3-5 seconds near the end of the flight. If this is possible could you please let me know. Ideally, we'd like a high resolution digital file, so it looks good on the big screen. Please email me on

  20. MH ptv in economy class are the biggest ptv than any other operator A380 in same class operated now..didn't believe?, try to survey it!..enjoy your flight

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