Join our Etihad Guest Ambassador, Dannii Minogue, as she explores the First Apartment on-board our Airbus A380 fleet.

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Etihad revolutionises first class travel for the discerning traveler with the First Apartment. More than a seat, the First Apartment offers a space that is large enough to walk around in and entertain guests in your private quarters.


  1. I flew with Eithad First Class too, and is really cool! The experience was so fantastic, perfect chef in flight, a big Poltrona Frau and i have dedicated to Etihad a nice video too. Have a look if u want, you are welcome!

  2. If you ever can’t find a room or got bored of your favorite hotel, you can always consider checking-in UAE’s Etihad Multi-room Residence Cabin on board their A380 and B787 airplanes. A FC private-cabin including a dining room (for 2), an en suite bathroom including a shower and a double-bed room! Available within is Wi-FI, flat TVs, mini-bar and many other amenities and luxuries. A Savoy trained butler is available as well as a chef on-board who can cook for you anything you desire while flying!  Talking about travelling in style….

    Personally, I am very much pro such options & services for all those who need it and can afford it. It’s a great idea as it offers comfort on board a plane and I would have personally seeked and enjoyed such a luxury. HOWEVER, meanwhile advertising such option(s) by Etihad I believe something must have also been done and advertised in parallel regarding the economy class (i.e. extra legroom, more options eta), which make up the majority of the passengers on any flight. 

    I totally agree in providing a privileged and unique option(s) to those who will pay for it. However at the same time, all airliners must also ensure that the “bare necessities” are met for the majority of the passengers (i.e. the economy class), especially on all transatlantic and/or flights which last more than 5-hours.

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