Completion of the infrastructure is imminent – 06 August 2015

The maritime pipeline, some 22.5 kilometers long, was recently linked to the platform – an event which is of great importance for the Deutsche Oel & Gas, founded by Kay Rieck.
Only a few days later, the company has now been able to mount the production decks on the production platform on well KLU # 3.
With the assembly of the production decks, a further important milestone was reached for the completion of the infrastructure in the oil and gas field. From the end of this year, the first natural gas will be produced from the "Kitchen Lights Unit".
The production deck with a weight of around 544 tonnes – for comparison: an Airbus A380 weighs about 276 tonnes – were lifted by the experts of Deutsche Oel & Gas within 35 minutes from the transport ship and put on the monopod.

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