Airbus A380’s 3rd Visit at Helsinki Airport!

Many people around Helsinki metropolitan area were taken by surprise yesterday evening as world’s largest passenger aircraft Airbus A380 roared into Helsinki Airport around 22:15. This was the third time the aircraft type has visited the airport earlier visits being Lufthansa in 2010 and another Emirates A380 in 2013. A6-EEP was flying from Dubai to Moscow as EK131 when it was forced to divert here do to the weather conditions in Russia. However, the visit wasn’t too long and the A380 continued to Moscow two hours after arrival with a total delay of five hours.

This was mine first time catching the A380 in Helsinki and it really was a stunning sight seeing the massive double-decker taxi down HEL’s taxiways and takeoff from RWY 04R!

The funny thing is, that I had taken my camera to a maintenance service earlier that day and of course the A380 decided to visit just then. So I had to use my secondary camera which makes my filming probably a bit awkward and the quality worse… Oh well, I can’t be too mad and I hope you can still enjoy this rare catch! 😀

Airline: Emirates
Aircraft: Airbus A380-800
Reg: A6-EEP
Construction Number (MSN): 138
Delivered: 12. – 13. Dec 2013
Age (at the time of filming): 4.0 Years
Note: A380’s third visit at the airport
Engines: 4x GP7200
Flight: EK131
Sector: DXB – (HEL) – DME / [OMDB – (EFHK) – UUDD]

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  1. The sound that aircraft makes is something else. I was at home when it landed and I was like what the hell was that. Then the next day I read about it from the papers.

  2. Nice video! I saw the takeoff on flightradar24. Did you know that the A350 you also got on tape there was Finnair's newest A350 OH-LWK that was taxiing from the runway after being delivered from Toulouse!

  3. The colours of the sky were breathtaking!! It must've been so calm and peaceful early that morning… 🙂

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