For decades, Elon Musk has been targeted on making a colony on Mars. It’s why he established SpaceX in 2002, and it’s been the driving pressure driving it ever considering that.

But throughout a speech in Adelaide, Australia, Friday early morning, Musk said he has dramatically expanded his previously-outsize ambitions. In addition to serving to produce a metropolis on the Crimson World, he said the upcoming rocket he intends to establish would also be able of serving to produce a foundation camp on the moon – and traveling persons throughout the globe.

“It’s 2017, we need to have a lunar foundation by now,” he said throughout a forty-minute speech at the Global Astronautical Congress. “What the hell has been going on?”

In a shock twist, he also said the enormous rocket and spaceship, which would have a lot more pressurized passenger space than an Airbus A380 plane, could also fly travellers any where on Earth in a lot less than an hour. Traveling at a optimum pace of a lot more than eighteen,000 mph, a journey from New York to Shanghai, for instance, would acquire 39 minutes, he said. New York to London could be carried out in 29 minutes.

“If we’re making this thing to go to the moon and Mars, why not go other destinations as perfectly?” he said.

The speech was billed as an update to just one he gave a calendar year in the past, in which he offered details for how SpaceX would make humanity a “multi-planet species.”

At the speech a calendar year in the past, Musk unveiled a behemoth of a rocket that was so ambitious and mind-bogglingly large that critics said it was detached from fact. Now, he and his team at SpaceX have carried out some editing, and Musk offered a revised prepare early Friday to establish a enormous, but a lot more reasonably sized, rocket that he calls the BFR, or Big [expletive] Rocket.

“I consider we have figured out how to fork out for it, this is quite crucial,” he said.

The new completely reusable method contains a booster stage and a spaceship able of carrying one hundred persons or so. It would be able of traveling astronauts and cargo on an array of missions, from throughout the globe, to the Global Place Station in very low Earth orbit and to the moon and Mars in deep space. It’d also be able of launching satellites, he said, though properly changing all of the rockets and spacecraft SpaceX currently takes advantage of or is acquiring, producing them redundant.

That would allow for the organization to put all of its methods into development of the BFR, he said.

Earlier this calendar year, Musk declared that SpaceX would fly two non-public citizens in a journey close to the moon by late upcoming calendar year. And he hinted at the moon foundation throughout a meeting in July.

“If you want to get the general public really fired up, I consider we have acquired to have a foundation on the moon. That’d be quite great. And then going beyond there and acquiring persons to Mars,” he said. “That’s the continuance of the desire of Apollo that I consider persons are really wanting for.”

But Friday early morning he designed it apparent that Mars is continue to the supreme target. In the course of his communicate, a chart confirmed that SpaceX prepared to fly two cargo missions to Mars by 2022, a quite ambitious timeline.

“That’s not a typo,” he said, but allowed: “It is aspirational.”

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