Emirates flight EK17, from Dubai, encountered some strong winds (up to 80mph), thanks to Storm Doris, which is causing travel disruptions across the UK. The pilot decided to abort the landing due to wind shear, well done to the pilots who gave it a shot at landing the Airbus A380 ‘Superjumpo’. After the go around, the A380 with the reg A6-EDL, went into a hold over Manchester which then later decided to divert to London Gatwick.
Filmed on the 23rd Feb 2017 at the Airport Pub at Manchester Airport MAN/EGCC.

Manchester Airport – MAN – EGCC
23rd Feb 2017
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  1. We were on this plane. We circled for a good half hour waiting for clearance to land. It was obvious when we got down to about 1,000 ft it wasn't safe to land.Thank God. Landed at gatwick, stayed the night and then coached back to Mcr this afternoon. Good job Mr pilot…

  2. I was on the A380 just the day before this flying into Manchester from Dubai. I remember even then (much less wind) the pilot approached the landing at an angle before perfectly straightening the plane last second before it touched down on the runway. Crazy how small the margin for error is.

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