An Emirates Airbus A380 on route from Dubai to Sydney was forced to make an emergency landing at Perth International Airport at 6am on the 15th of August 2009 after a female passenger was thought to have suffered a stroke. It was later discovered to have been “a bad virus.” The 455 passengers, after already experiencing 6 hours of delays in Dubai, were forced to wait another 10 hours at Perth.The passengers were kept in the in-transit lounge due to a customs requirement, although Emirates was able to get 40 of the passengers transferred to domestic flights to Sydney so they could meet appointment and function deadlines. Several passengers were caught smoking in the terminal and were threatened to stop immediately or be arrested
The unusual emergency marked Perth’s 2nd visit of the A380 and the 1st of the Emirates A380, The giant Airbus departed for Sydney at 4:37 pm local time. Costs for Emirates are estimated at $200,000+

Filmed with a cheap chinese Full HD video camera in high wind, hence the shit sound, Produced in Adobe after effects CS3 (in a hurry).

Copyright. Tom McElhinney.


  1. @SuperMichael871 Omg really?!i had a gud xperience. Ive onlybeen on emirates once i loved it. D air stewards were well sexy ;)Ive been on ryan air afew tyms dah was shitter than shit lol.

  2. Only a troll could be so nit picky. Also I don't state a correlation between the chineseness and the cheapness and shitness of the camera. I am completely glad of cheaper chinese-manufactured electronics and appreciate that you get what you pay for.

  3. I don't really think that the fact that your camera being chinese makes it 'cheap' or 'shit', it's probably the amount of money you paid for it, rather than the people or the country is was manufactured in. Most cameras are actually made in China and you'll find that in terms of quality you would get what you paid for.

  4. I flew with Emeriates once. NEVER again. was disgraceful service. asked for some water 5 times in ten hours, im still waiting for it. staff are rude. all flash adverts but once your onboard.. your screwed.

  5. @GameNewbie the word 'emergency' is appropriate though
    (you would understand if you read the description)
    besides: views + ads = money
    so I'm not complaining lol

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