Emirates celebrated the launch of its fourth daily nonstop passenger service to Imam Khomeini International Airport, Tehran with the landing of a one-off Airbus A380 service on 30 September 2014.

Emirates began flights to the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1990. Since then over 6.6 million passengers have travelled between the two countries on Emirates.

Emirates currently operates its fleet of 53 A380s to 31 destinations around the world and has a further 87 A380s on order.


  1. Like what the fuck… I don't care where they pay their taxes or how much who earns on this, if something is illegal it isn't my job to justify it – law enforcment should do this, i care about the service, availability, convinience and comfort and it is the best in this categories for me…

  2. I would fly Delta any day even on an old 767 than give $1 to Emirates to make their meglamaniac shareholders richer than they are. All Delta needs are new planes and to employ friendlier cabin crew. …it can be done…the answer is to copy Emirates but beat them at their own game. ..it's possible to do this….

  3. and heavily subsidised by their meglamaniac shareholders who have one goal in mind. ….and of course the airline doesn't pay tax though it donates money…..I am not sure about the great service, I think that Emirates probably employs the best marketing tactics in the world because if one comes to think about what Emirates actually is and probably what is the most unpleasant experience in the world spending one second on an Emirates plane or in Dubai then I have to hand it to them.

  4. Emirates is amazing, how does one buy 100s of planes for cash, shower it's passengers with opulence, charge low fares and still try and convince the world that it's not subsidised

  5. +Emirates  Come to Tabriz, either! There are too many people go to vacation to Dubai! We hope to see you here in Tabriz! Also for AFC champion league, we would like to get to Dubai, easily to support our favorite football club!
    Hello Tomorrow!
    Hello Tabriz! 😀
    Yashasin Tiraxtur!

  6. so tell me what was the reason to fire this great pilot again?

    let me tell you because you arabs won't say.

    This great pilot is iranian, apparently apon parking the A380 he waived the iranian flag out of the cockpit window, that is why they have fire this pilot!

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