Recorded: February 2015
Origin: Melbourne, Australia
Dest: Auckland, New Zealand
Flight: EK406
Aircraft: A6-EOE
Seat: 23K – Business Class
Flight Duration: 2:30
Camera: Sony RX-100M3


  1. Fabulous video! Loved every minute of it. The last little bit with some views of Auckland was also enjoyed. Great effort – thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Especially liking the last few minutes of this video where you show some of the sights of Auckland. Probably because I am currently watching many of your videos back to back – all of which are excellent BTW!

  3. Hello from Edinburgh .. i have the RX100 M1 and i love it ,was that mount Eden you were up as i went to Auckland 12 years ago for my holiday's and Loved it .. stayed in the Aspen house at 62 Emily Place in Auckland , Great Value and Great People.
    I Love the Kiwi's , Like The Scots and Down To Earth.

  4. I have a big question. since emirates have all these a380s how come they would not use them on the new flights to atlanta next year. instead using the 777 300s.

  5. Ahhhh… Smart brekkie choice.. I chose the omelette too when flying back to AKL in -EDB. Cool that you got the new business class 🙂

  6. What really surprises me is that you left after only 1,5h break 2 Auckland. The technical issue said that the breaks of each A 380 have to cool down for at least 3 hours ore more due to a missing break cooling system………….

  7. Nothing to watch on TV? No problem, just relax and enjoy some SD Mullis in-flight videos :). As always, a great time watching your videos.

    Looks like you flew EK C class? Very nice, the food looks great. By the way, what's with the three EK 388s at AKL all at once?! Is EK setting up a mini-hub or something? haha.

    On another note, Auckland seems like a great city to visit.

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