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Airline: Emirates
Aircraft: Airbus A380
Seat: 48A
From: Dubai Intl.
To: Kuwait Intl.

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  1. They use A380 for Dubai to Kuwait route that takes less than 2hours?
    It makes no sense to use a super jumbo for such a short haul. Was it stopping at Kuwait to pickup more passenger en route to farther destination?

  2. Awesome footage! The background music at the start reminds me of enjoyable flights I've had with Emirates. I love the view looking back at the engines from slightly in front of the wing! I'm trying to work out what seat to pick on an upcoming flight in a Qantas A380 and hope to get a similar angle of the wing/engines.

  3. Please can u tell me what's is seat no? so I can allocate next time when I fly then I can get the proper picture. thanks

  4. You stopped the video so you would not we would not see the plane stall I get it I'm looking for an air crash investigation of a emirates a380 plane crash (just kidding)

  5. Wow nice one. Bit hazy, but it seems to always be from the sand. Been to Dubai last summer for two days layover (bit of a regret going there in June with 45 degrees in the shade… a heat I have never encountered before…pheeew, , you can't even feel air going into your lungs as it is just hot). Next time I have to go when it is winter, 19 degrees is way more bearable. It's kinda crazy if  you land…all around dry desert sand and then  scattered here and there some incredible green plots of land lol

  6. I'm always amazed at how quiet the engines on 380s are. Compare to the 777 which sounds like a buzzsaw on overdrive.

  7. I wonder how westerners are treated in the UAE and hopefully not the same way arabs or middle eastern looking people are treated in the west. Will found out soon as I am flying to Dubai and India this week. Btw I am of Indian origin but look Mediterranean/ middle eastern. Hats off to emirates and Dubai for becoming a world class city.

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