A pair of Emirates Airbus A380 aircraft depart Auckland Airport. For the full 4 hour program GO TO


  1. That is pretty awesome. Especially, the pan across the waiting A380. Could have used more sound – but hey. Cool stuff.

  2. ..love the A380..shame the demand for this aircraft is forecasted to remain stagnant..and Airbus is forced to swallow billions of $ in development costs..

  3. as of now if correct the Airbus A-380 is the Largest passenger aircraft ever built, but I can see in the future a aircraft that will take over the Airbus A-380 current position, This new aircraft will be a TRIPLE decker I can just see this in the very near future, take a Super Guppy and turn it into a passenger aircraft…….

  4. Really Nice Video…but I have a question on the dates these aircraft depart Auckland.

    My analysis:

    I've noticed the tail IDs of these aircraft. First one to take off – "A6-EEM" & the second one was "A6-EDZ".

    I then checked A6-EEM previous flight schedule on https://www.flightradar24.com/ and it was really there in Auckland on 7 Oct 2016.
    (See this https://www.flightradar24.com/reg/a6-eem)

    But when I checked for A6-EDZ flight schedule, it wasn't there in Auckland on that day. It was in Dubai scheduled for Washington
    (See this https://www.flightradar24.com/reg/a6-edz)

    Now I seriously doubt these aircraft were present in Auckland on 7 Oct. Probably it was taken before that.

    Please clarify Team justplanes.com

  5. AKL will be seeing more of the 380's. EK448 will be using the 380 soon, replacing the 777-200LR.

  6. Absolutely stunning plane spotting footage!! Like and sub on this amazing channel!!! Greets from Munich 😉

  7. Those planes were just beautiful against that yellowish sky,as a matter of interest can anyone tell me just how many passengers this size of plane can hold. Thankyou.

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