Hi guys, this video is about my recent flight on EK419 from Bangkok to Dubai on Emirates, this was a night flight which departed at 03:15 (BKK time) and arrived at 06:00 (DXB time).

The Emirates lounge in Bangkok was excellent, the food was really fresh and there was a good selection of drinks
The showers and toilets were good and the lounge staff was very friendly.

The flight was good, business class was empty which was weird because economy class and first class were full.
I liked it though because this meant that there were a lot of flight attendants available.
Because the flight departed at 03:15 I was very tired and that’s why I didn’t order any food on this flight.
I did eat some food at the bar which was very good, the Italian FA at the bar tried to get me drunk hahaha.
I asked the flight attendants to prepare the ‘bed’ right after takeoff and I slept for over 5 hours only to wake up right before descending into Dubai.

The plane, the seat, the flight attendants and the bar in the back of the plane, I would rate it a solid 8.

Some details about the flight:

Airline: Emirates
Flight number: UAE 419 | EK419
Flight origin: Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport
Flight destination: Dubai International Airport
Plane: A6-EEF, Airbus A380-800
Seat: 20J
Date: December 25, 2016


  1. Excellent trip report. Emirates lounge at Suvarnabhumi airport is my favourite lounge of all lounges I've used…I much prefer the smaller airline lounges. EVA has a nice lounge at Suvarnabhumi as well.

  2. beautiful video looking forward to fly with emirates business class. Hope to have empty seats too seems so spacious less crowd is always good.

  3. Quick suggestion. You are moving the camera too fast. It's already at 60 FPS when you are moving the camera at the speed you are moving at it's hard to really focus in. Just my opinion.

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