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This flight was part of my trip to Singapore in October 2014. I spent a long weekend there and the best deal was on Emirates through Dubai. This review covers the second flight of my return to Zurich. I was lucky to get their brand new economy class seat with an updated IFE!

The mentioned business class review can be found here:

I totally love Emirates and their amazing on board product! Next time I fly them will be in their first class promised 😉

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Just Chillax – Enjoy the Flight
Ross Bugden – Unstoppable

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  1. Sind das noch ältere Screens? Bei anderen Emirates A380 videos sind die Screens weiss und vielleicht noch einen Tick grösser.

  2. Nice video, ´cause I always travel in economy class! I love the menu for economy class, that´s an awesome detail.

  3. Great video (And loved the remark in the end by the way). I am planning a trip to Japan from either CH or DE this summer and don't know if I should choose Emirates 380 or ANA 787…..looks like Emirates will be the winner 🙂

  4. what seat number were you on and how much security is there? i was just asking because im going in emirates in 3 more months

  5. Was going to subscribe until I saw your anti Trump message at the end!! No reason to go political you dirt bag low life fuck!!

  6. Great video, I've flown Emirates more than a dozen times and never had a bad experience and their food is excellent. Just subscribed, I hope you txt the smiling, laughing Cabin Crew lady.

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