Watch as we take delivery of our milestone 100th Airbus A380.


  1. Love the A380. I hope I never live to see a crash of the king of the skies… And I also hope to live for at least 100 years.

  2. Yes well done. If I’d run an airline who’d pay nearly nothing for fuel i would order 100 A380s too. But hey thank god at least someone is buying those flying whales. Not that four engines are trendy these days.

  3. Emirates not only have a huge fleet of A380’s but they have a hugely profitable A380 fleet too! Well done Emirates and Airbus.

  4. The A380 plus does exist for a reason. I recommend that there is a A380plus because because of the 2.5%+ better performance and extra seating and also, the A380plus is a lot more efficent.

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