Emirates received its 60th Airbus A380 in May 2015. Emirates has the world’s largest fleet of A380s, with another 80 on order. The flagship of the Emirates fleet, the Emirates A380 flies to over 30 destinations worldwide.


  1. I love Emirates Emirates was my first ever time on a plain and wow I was so happy that was 8 years ago now and I have been with Emirates ever sing to menny Parts of the world and I wood just like to say thank you Emirates I can say I have been on menny airline all around the world and thay is some very good airlines out thay but I will and do always come back to Emirates as my hart is just so in love with you long live the world best airline and may she grow THANK YOU ..

  2. es una aerolínea bien elegante ordenada y sobre todo saben tratar y llegarle a la gente para tomar sus servicios de viaje bie emiretes por ser amables en con buena calidad

  3. Its so ugly xD… It really is the most uglyist plane ever invented I've always thought it and always will.. there is no pride in aviation anymore just $$$$$$$$ .. thats all its about, and I do understand this and fair play but.. farewell to something magnificent us humans created.

  4. As demand increases for Wide Body aircrafts, there will be lot more a380, a350 etc. Next generation of planes such as a the a380 and a350 will be easy to adapt to for Airbus pilots. As the cockpit philosophy is similar for nearly every Airbus aircraft. This should provide quick progression from aircrafts.

    Aviation looks great for the future, for both commercial and non commercial.

  5. $1.5 billion profit. 60 A380s and counting, what is it the other airlines don't get about A380? Ahh yes, profit. Congrats EK. Sitting at the front of the A380 is just magic.

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