In this trip report, I fly from Abu Dhabi to Melbourne on board Etihad’s flagship A380-800 in First Class. I start off in transit at Abu Dhabi after coming off a flight from London. After clearing transit security, I have a look at the new Etihad First Class lounge. It’s only a short stay, but I have a quick tour of the lounge and manage a haircut and massage treatment before I board my flight. On board, I review the First Class Apartment product. It’s absolutely an amazing product that currently is the best First Class hard product in the sky. The size and the quality of the Apartment is simply stunning. I sample a number of items from the on-board menu, surf the net on the plane, and take a shower at 41,000 feet. The First Class bed and the on-board lounge facilities are looked at as well. The flight sadly comes to an end as I make my domestic transit in Melbourne for my flight to Adelaide.



Etihad Boarding Music (Complete)
By Etihad Airways


  1. Business Class passengers walking into the 1st class lounge in Abu Dhabi happens ALL THE TIME. Happened to em too. Why? Because the directions at the airport are horrible, for a very long walk the signs at the airport tell you "1st and bussiness lounge" this way, then all of the sudden to the right it says something like "1st and platninum premium lounge" to the right, while the sign for business class is hidden in the middle of 10 signs for directions to the left. That's why.

  2. I was wondering about the kids play area. Most airlines do not allow passengers under the age of 12 in First Class. Is Etihad different? Not that I would be able to afford a trip for 5 in F..;-)

  3. Emirates and Singapore also offer residence-style suites in premium first-class on selected routes via their A380, complete with your own assigned valet & own lavatory/shower. Etihad doesn't offer neither (from what you show) too bad Qatar doesn't offer apartment-style suites on their A380 long-hauls. oh well, beats economy any day. cheers mate =]

  4. Hey Eddie! Great video, it's really amazing to see how much effort they put into making a 13 hour flight enjoyable. Once again great video, Keep it up 😀

  5. Can someone explain to me how not any of the tables, bottles and workout equipment not tip over during take off or harsh turbulence…?

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