This video is a continuation of my trip report on a Virgin Australia B737-800 Business Class flight between Adelaide and Sydney. After arriving in Sydney, I have a long layover and decide to do a bit of flight simulation at Flight Experience.

I return to the airport in the evening for my flight (EY455) to Abu Dhabi. I have a look at the Etihad check-in counter in Terminal 1, before having my boarding pass reissued at the First Class counter. I then head over to the Sydney Etihad Lounge and enjoy a meal there before boarding my flight.

Once on board the A380, I review the First Class Apartment product. It’s absolutely an amazing product that currently is the best First Class hard product in the sky. The size and the quality of the Apartment is simply stunning. I sample a number of items from the on-board menu, surf the net on the plane, and take a shower in-flight. The First Class bed and the on-board lounge facilities are looked at as well.

The video ends upon landing and arrival at the gate in Abu Dhabi. However, it is to be continued by a trip report of my Etihad A380 First Class experience from Abu Dhabi to London.



Etihad Boarding Music (Complete)
By Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways Boarding Music | 13min
By Etihad Airways


  1. Your lucky to fly first class on a flight that long. I can barley afford a plane ride from Townsville to Brisbane even if I'm on Jetstar.

  2. 14:57 the bath room looks like one in the Inter City Express train run in Germany.
    Cold and German. Who was the designer? Throw 'em out.

    The cubicles look nice but they are NOT completely CLOSED – everybody might look at
    you. Holes in the doors. And you may hear everybody snoring, farting. Heaven, how much should
    this experience be?

  3. when he said first world problem i was like hey this person isnt all its the end of the world bc of it they were cool about it

  4. Hi Eddie! Don't mind me asking but what's your occupation for you to be able to fly on such luxurious flights! Also, are they reimbursed by the company?

    Lastly, what's your favorite airline to fly on this far? x

  5. Thank you for showing all of us peasants what a coke can looks like. What a dream come true. Now if only we could have a taste. It's OK to dream they say.

  6. Paying extra for Internet though reeks of cheese.
    It should be included for First Class passengers – that's why it's called "First Class" after all.

  7. When you mentioned the table being large enough for a fellow traveler, it got me thinking. Can 2 travelers share a first class cabin such as this one? On any airline?

  8. I'm already connected, cans are a bad idea a terrotist could turn one into a weapon and all razors should be electric

  9. Flew in first class, in a 777, back in 2002. Seats were cloth, of course, and everything was plastic-y and grey, but it was an awesome experience. Coach seats have gotten worse nowadays, but business and first class seats have improved dramatically.

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