Rolls Royce secret testing of A380 engine destroyed in a blade off test.


  1. im sure that this was a test to see what would happen when a blade failed, anyone notice that the blade that failed was coloured differently? it was to test that the engine casing wouldnt rupture when the internals failed

  2. @puffaliciouschester How many people feed their families because of the revenue stream from these engines?
    "There are no easy answers. There are only intelligent choices." – Caterpillar

  3. @pyro4002

    Because dipshits looking up "explosive" in some video expect something totally over the top like Transformers or something. So when they don't see tons of things blowing up they hate their lives so much they need to give thumbs down to videos like these.

  4. @julesgymnast Indeed, buy American. Type " four recent uncontained engine turbine failure " into a well known search engine to see that General Electric engines are far from perfect or the best choice.

  5. @llexuss1 – The recent incident involved the higher speed and super heated turbine (rear) area and a fire from (what I last heard was) an oil leak inside the engine., This test is about seeing if there is any chance of a fan blade detaching at speed – an event that could be catastrophic. Uncontained fan blade failures can tear a plane in half, never mind landing with one engine down, you'll be falling outta the sky!

  6. @busta4u – the part that failed in flight was nothing to do with the fan blades. They are completely separate and unrelated components. The failure was (last I heard) related to the oil system, causing a leak in the turbine area (the super heated 'exhaust' part of the engine) which caused a fire.
    This video is showing them testing to see what would happen in the HIGHLY unlikely event that one of the fan blades detaches. When the forces involved are considered, that casing is WAY impressive!

  7. Didn't this same engine fail on the Quantas A380 recently? I think this test was a fluke as in reality it did fail on an actual flight

  8. @nguyentuan1990 they have to… so if this was to happen in real life ( blade came off ) they know it wouldnt do any damage to the fusilage or w/e 😀

  9. @krustikov1 There are two engine options for the A380 being the Rolls-Royce Trent 900 and the Engine Alliance (GE-PW) GP7000. From the spool-up this is a Rolls-Royce engine (I think).

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