Amazing Airbus A380 superjumbo of British Airways making it’s very first landing arrival at London Stansted Airport. Seen alongside BA Liveried Boeing 747-8’s.

Filmed on Monday 29 July 2013, this video features the first ever arrival of an Airbus A380 at London Stansted. British Airways’ operated the aircraft G-XLEA in from Cardiff Airport in Wales. The video begins with a “teaser” title sequence with a few different shots and angles of the aircraft before the actual landing. I hope you enjoy this FIRST and a piece of aviation history for London Stansted Airport.


  1. Hello Zaki thank you for taking the time to watch, and comment on my video of the Airbus A380 at London Stansted. It certainly was a smooth touchdown.

  2. Hello TheVladimirHD thanks for watching my video of the BA A380 on it's first arrival at London Stansted Airport, I appreciate the positive feedback. The livery does look quite smart on this huge aircraft.

  3. Hello Jack I am very sorry that I missed your earlier message. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get to FlightFest but I have seen a lot of amazing pictures from there, great that the A380 was part of the event.

  4. Hello Anthony Scotts the Airbus A380 was at Stansted for a proving flight and publicity photos. I believe STN, like Shannon will be a possible diversion airport. Thanks for watching.

  5. Hello PilotsTubeHD, thank you very much, firstly for taking the time to watch my Airbus A380 video and secondly for your kind comment and thumbs up. I am really pleased you enjoy my videos and it is very much appreciated. I agree that the A380 isn't the beauty in the room but there are features of it that have a proper wow factor – not least it's massive size! thanks again. Apologies for the slow response.

  6. Hello Adam, thanks very much for your kind comment on my video of Airbus A380 at Stansted. It's nice that you noticed what I was trying to get across in the teaser section of the video (just to try and big the event up even more!) I have posted a couple of pics on Facebook, but I'll go through some more, time permitting and try and see if I have any of the 748 & a388 next to each other, quite hard as they were on opposite sides of the airport. Will see what I have though. Thanks again 4 watching

  7. Hello Simon, Stansted has one of the longest runways and is actually a preferred diversionary airport or use in emergencies etc. as it has specific stands and facilities to accommodate. BA does not operate scheduled flights to Stansted (at the moment) this aircraft was on a crew training/publicity flight. Thanks for watching

  8. Hello Kevin, thanks very much for watching my video of the British Airways A380 arriving at London Stansted, I appreciate your ongoing support of my videos. Sorry for the slow reply.

  9. Hello Shane028, I agree the A380 isn't exactly the prettiest of aircraft flying, but it is still an amazing feat of engineering and seen close up and against other aircraft you get this massive sense of scale. I'm pleased you enjoyed the video, thank you for your kind comment, my apologies for the slow reply.

  10. Hi MrFlashJet, thanks very much for your lovely comment on my Airbus A380 video, I appreciate it very much. Everything for me certainly came down to luck and timing, I was very fortunate to have been able to see this, and the 748 coming in just afforded a very quick glimpse at the rival flagship aircraft. I'm glad you found the video enjoyable.

  11. Hello thetwopointslow, thank yu very much for watching my video of the Airbus A380 at London Stansted, I do appreciate your comment and I am sorry for the slow reply. I'm happy to read that you enjoyed the video, it does make it worthwhile knowing that people like yourself enjoy my efforts 🙂

  12. Hello Flyspotter19 thank you very much for your kind comment on my video of the #Airbus A380 at London Stansted. I am very pleased that you enjoyed it. The BA livery looks quite smart.

  13. lol! thanx. I use this name because it has more keywords and folks got upset when I was spotting in Los Angeles. 😀 (as in, how can you be spotting here when your name is only O'HareAviation 😛 ) so I decided to add on my original name from my first YT channel: Runway25Right

    -Mr. O'Hare

  14. Hello BA Co, thank you for liking and commenting on, my video of the first BA Airbus A380 to land at London Stansted, I appreciate it very much.

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