Rob Mark takes a nice fresh Airbus A380 out for a little test flight


  1. I booked a ticket specifically from Atlanta to Seoul Korea, so I could ride on one of these birds. It was so smooth, that while I was waiting for it to take off, I didn't realize that we had already left the ground. Not being near a windows seat, (although I did get an aisle seat) I had no sense of motion at all. The flight was quiet, the cabin crew of flight attendants were stunningly beautiful women and the service even in coach was excellent. I was sad to see that they are now using a 777 for the route.

  2. It is not slightly smaller than the b747-800 as it says in the video, it is just slightly SHORTER, becuase the a380 is still larger than the boeing 747-8.

  3. There are many mixed videos there from different parts of the world. the last part (landing and taxiing)
    is in Buenos Aires/Ezeiza, not Toulouse!

  4. That Beluga looks like an amazing aircraft. I do wonder, however, about it's aerodynamic characteristics. I hope that I am wrong, but I would imagine that it would be difficult to fly, especially fully loaded, in certain weather conditions. An incredible aircraft, though.

  5. i think in the future we will all travel in our own family aircraft and have technology that allows long distance travel in smaller machines needing less fuel storage space. that will mean we will have less need for larger airplanes in the future. in order for this to happen though we need a government who has confidence in peoples ability and develop an advanced air traffic system for millions of airplanes. onviously there will have to be some kind of turn system.

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