Hello Hoppers! In this video I share the airport-to-airport experience of a flight from Miami to Frankfurt. I hop through Miami International Airport, show you how to get your boarding pass, give my opinion on Duty Free Shops, and show you the boarding procedure of the A380 at the gate. The Airbus A380 airplane is the world’s largest passenger plane, holding 100 more passengers than a 747! Hey, that’s a lot of people in one shot. I show you some inflight footage, and once at Frankfurt International Airport, I point out a few details that could be helpful.

If you missed Flying to Miami: Check-in and Boarding at Frankfurt Airport here is the link:

If you need more detailed info on Preparing for Trip to USA, check out my video:

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  1. 2:08
    I have done this procedure before.
    Some airlines board in a specific way to decrease passengers boarding time.
    Airline can do outside in Window Middle Aisle
    Rotating Zone
    Rear to Front
    Seat numbers

  2. +MuchoHop Hellooo again! Im just now checking out your flight to Frankfurt! This one is a big help as well! Especially as far as what to do when i get inside the airport! As i said earlier i have never flown before! Your videos are a big help! So the meeting people section is where i would go to find my family that would be picking me up right? i know thats like a duh kinda of question lol!! Hopefully they will be there! I know they said traffic is usually very heavy. But as always thanks for the videos and your feed back! Take care! 🙂

  3. Guauuu! Me encanta Lufthansa, sobre todo sus 747 y sus a380! Qué tal era la tripulación de cabina? Os pusieron bien de comer? 🙂

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