The description and video includes download link and how to install it. No surveys or anything! This version of the A380 has a WAY more detailed cockpit than all other A380’s. It’s really a wonderful version of it and the video is simple and shows how to download and install, plus a presentation of the plane.

Download Link:

Feel free to ask any questions and I will answer them.


  1. have anyone even tried it on multiplayer? All A380 i found in the internet will crash the FSX when we meet another A380 ( same type ).

  2. I've tried a lot of A380s out there and they all have some kind of fault in them.  I just check this one out and so far I like how the lights works properly and not too damn bright that you can't see the runway at all. I also like how all the light switch are moveable and working in it proper function. I'm still in the process in checking this A380 functions and all, and so far it seems to be the best one out there, without going to a payware site. Thank for the upload!!

  3.  My friend I have a problem with the cab already  of the gages copy them to the gages of the fsx folder but the problem persists with the cab THERE ARE NO BUTTONS IS IMPOSSIBLE TO FLY AS WELL Please tell me what I can do to fix it?

  4. Hey, I stared flying with everything off and I cant get three screens on. I got the PFD on though. I used the avionics master key too.

  5. You guys should try the Project Airbus a380 its flight dynamics are a little off, but other than that its better than this (in my opinion)

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