Munrostudios futuristic airport and train infrastructure animation at Gatwick Airport uses Airbus A380 branding within the architectural design.

Architectural Branding has seen a notable rise in the last few years, to include brand values within modern design.

Apple, You Tube, Facebook, Cadburys, Coca Cola, IBM, Mercedes, Nike……we are all captivated with brands & logos and drawn to incorporate them into our lives.

Our self-image is often derived from products including cars, homes, clothing and recreational activities.

These products utilise brand equity, logos, symbols and experiential marketing dynamics of some kind to represent them.

But how does this level of branding sit within Architecture? Can it continue to grow and be used during the design process for architects? And if so, how and what are the results?

Co-founder, Gareth Munro explains: “We wanted to experiment and take architectural branding to another level, within the context of creating a great infrastructure animation. We used elements of the actual Airbus A380 plane to create a futuristic airport terminal. Our aim was to bring to life a modern, ‘branded’ transport system.”

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