Airbus A380-800 Singapore Airlines
At the Air Show Hausen am Albis
Builder / Owner: Peter Michel
Pilot: Michael Bräuer
Maßstab / Scale: 1/15
Spw. / wingspan: 5.3 m
Länge / Length: 4.8 m
Gewicht / Weight: 71 Kg
Turbine: 4x JetCat P 120
Tankinhalt / Fuel capacity: 10 Liter


  1. Great video as usual – what an amazing model I've seen video of it before but it always impresses every time I see it fly again. What a fantastic modeller Peter is with the large model airliners he's built – fantastic.

    Im sure you've been asked before but I can't find the answer – What type of camera set-up are you using?

    Cheers, Paul

  2. This is next level modelling! A big applause for the builder and the pilot! What a landing!
    It is also a  РЭЯדּЄϽТ job on the camera Horst!
    Thumbs up my friend!
    Cheers, Bob

  3. These large commercial birds get ever more impressive. This one is a real beauty… looks great with a low pass. Hard to believe actually it is not more than 71kg. Low speed characteristics are amazing.
    Great video Horst – you must have a super tripod to hold the long shots. 🙂

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