AERIAL. On the movie, the Airbus A380 Additionally methods the coastline of Reunion. On the horizon, the Piton de la Fournaise and the Piton des Neiges.
At the final Paris Air Demonstrate, Airbus unveiled this new variation of its incredibly large wagon made to relaunch Profits of the A380 which are functioning out of steam. It exists for the instant only in the memory of the computers. To make it “fly” in the sky of our island, Airbus again confident the collaboration of Hervé Douris.
For some many years, this photographer has proven himself as just one of the specialists in panoramic images He was just one of the pioneers. His expertise has surpassed the borders of our island. The volcano, the summits, the beaches, the ground and in flight Hervé immortalized the most attractive landscapes of Reunion Island. On his web site (, you can stroll 360 ° struggling with a landscape on his computer monitor.
January 2008, in flight aboard a microlight, Hervé Douris realizes a sequence of images At an altitude of 3,000 meters off Saint-Pierre. “Reunion, with a small air website traffic, is an fantastic place to make these kinds of pics. To make up the panorama the place we see the entire island, I have assembled 9 views.” Hervé&#39s perform passions the production firm producing marketing movies for Airbus who acquires the legal rights.

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In 2009, the panorama of Reunion Island is applied for the to start with time by the European company. Traveling more than a sea of ​​clouds covering the ocean, a fleet of Airbus methods the coastline of Reunion. The entire family is represented, from the huge A380 to the final just one, the A318, the A319, the A320, the A330, the A340 and even the A350 which at the time did not still Remaining the drawing board. The panorama is set. The aircraft in synthetic visuals are linked with the image and a virtual digicam walks all around them as if it have been accompanying them in flight. The result of realism is astounding.
Due to the fact then, the panorama of Hervé Douris has been applied on many events to encourage Airbus aircraft in the colours of the company or just one of its shoppers. The sequence lasts for a longer time or shorter but each time La Réunion is completely identifiable. A single of the most spectacular videos displays 3 specifically adorned Brussels Airways A320s functioning more than our island. Have a glance. Immediately after the A380 Additionally other Airbus will not fail to furrow consequently the sky of Reunion.

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