Watch our captain give a tour of the Airbus A380 flight deck and explain how the world’s largest passenger aircraft flies.


  1. thanks captain Kashwani this helped me to save lots of expenses for making my pilot's license. Actually after watching this tutorial I feel ready to immediately sit down on your place and start this wonderful aircraft. When can I make a test flight?

  2. I think people should flag this video. I don't like the idea of this guy showing how to fly a plane. Yes, I'm an islamaphobe, so what, if you see something, say something.

  3. OMG so your job is Take Off and Land the plane and make sure Autopilot does what it says its doing and ONLY in an emergency do you become a pilot again and not a bus driver! obviously there is more that is not explained here but wow,! My dream to fly one of these!

  4. this aint no plane this is a computer in the sky hell just build a plane where you wont need a pilot anymore

  5. Pictures and videos don't do justice to the sheer size of this aircraft. I work with 380's daily and they're scary huge! Echoes under the wing and everything

  6. 20% watching to lean how to fly a plane
    10% got here out of nowhere
    40% watching at home without socks
    30% are student pilots watching for entertainment.( dream)


  7. that is scary, i mean this is literally programming aircraft to fly, if there's something wrong it would be complicated to determine the error for such complex system,

  8. Very interesting. I virtually have driven the plane. Indeed, a unique and rare video I so interestly watched. Thanks for uploading.

  9. What can a pilot do if something goes wrong? He has no real flight controls to manipulate or anything. About the only thing I an see happening is that someone breaks out a lap top and tries to figure out what can be done if anything…….if there is time to do it of course.  Now the 380 is a wonderful aircraft but with as many people as it carries I do not understand why a manual back up system is not installed. It will take just one of these giants crashing and killing 500 people before people realize that an all computer plane is just not that safe….or that is my opinion.

  10. sir I also want to be pilot but how to apply in emirates please help me my number is 8160006769,9662893043 and I am from india

  11. what if i became a pilot for emirates will you interview?
    And to be honest I'm only thirteen years i can't fly an AIRBUS A380 its to big for me but starting the engines very very easy.
    but i might also fly for emirates.

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