The Bureau of Investigation and Assessment (BEA) announced Tuesday evening that it would guide by delegation from Denmark the investigation of the incident which compelled an Air France A380 which ensured the

“As a final result of the accident involving the Airbus A380, registered F-HPJE, cruising about Greenland, the authorities

The BEA represents France, the State of the Operator, of the State of the European Union,

Investigators from the Havarikommissionen, symbolizing Denmark, State of Occurrence, of the NTSB, symbolizing the United States, State of the motor manufacturers, and the TSB, symbolizing the Canada, State where the quip has been drilled, will also take part in this security survey, specified BEA.

that 1 of his investigators went to Ottawa to help in the first looking at of the knowledge recorded in the flight knowledge recorder (DFDR), 1 of the two black bins on the aircraft.

“This looking at confirmed the occurrence of the destruction,” he explained.

Air France&#39s Super Jumbo, an A380-800, was on the Paris-Los Angeles route. Flight AF066 departed from Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport on Saturday at 9.thirty am (GMT), with 497 travellers and 24 crewmembers onboard, recalls the BEA

destruction to the N4 motor (situated at the suitable finish of the aircraft), although the aircraft was traveling about Greenland (Denmark), the crew flew to Goose Bay airport (Canada)

According to the BEA, “the destruction to the aircraft would seem to be limited to the N4 motor and its quick atmosphere.

The BEA on Sunday dispatched four investigators, together with the first 1, Goose Bay (Canada), accompanied by specialized advisors of the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus and Air France.

NTSB investigators, Electric powered and Pratt and Whitney, and the TSB also frequented

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