between Paris CDG and Washington Dulles Airport and back


  1. this mothafucka's wings ain't moving! i like that! i feel much more secure! i don't know about the tail cam though, but i guess if you could see what's happening outside it will give you relief.

  2. cant air france make the a380 to Houston I have been hearing about a380 but I have had an experience people always say they should make this a380 to Houston texas it will be better an attract people to fly to Houston with air france

  3. Air France A380 is using Engine Alliance GP 7200 a joint venture between GE and Pratt & Whitney. Main MRO for the EA engine is in Emirate maintenance hub.

  4. 7:03 they're not flaps they're spoilers. The flaps are the mechanisms underneath and at the back of the wings, which extend downwards on takeoff and landing.
    If you wanted to take off, but you deployed the spoilers; the flight destination would change from Paris CDG to the end of the runway and a huge fireball.

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