A view of the Giant of the Skies, the Airbus A380 from inside.


  1. well, if you come to think about it there is a historical association between the descendants of mongolians (turks) and the germans in that they are the only countries that have committed genocides in the history of humanity. Turks against Armenians and Pontic Greeks and the Germans against Jews. so as much as our ears precious and sensitive aren't used to hearing such blunt words against countries, there is some truth in that.

  2. lufthansa fly daily from several cities in the US,and they also use a380 , so u have the chance to fly on a a380 🙂 it awesome plane.

  3. Well right know germany dose not look like slaves and I'm proud to be german. I have not seen me grow a spiraled tail or a big nose so your statement is not correct.

  4. I love Lufthansa. They are one of the only airlines that are enjoyable to fly these days (mostly because the flight attendants aren't old hags). I am glad that they have adopted an A380. Maybe I will be lucky enough to fly on it.

  5. You're just pissed because we can kick your ass anytime. Please, America invented the aircraft in the first place, broke the sound barrier, and created the world fastest plane. Were all allies so stop calling us idiots.

  6. ALthought i do not speak a foriegn langauge, i will agree with you Both companies are the top knotch. Airbus is known for its amazing safety rating, while Lufthansa Airline is known as one of the best airlines to travel with. Give in mind you don't mind spending some cash.

  7. But you needed 4 or 5 to make the M1 tank. The Abrams isnt american at all. German gun for instance. In that department you are nothing but steel workers, all the tech comes from Europe. And that goes for alot of the other stuff in your military garage aswell.

    Look at the countries that make Aribus. Britain, Germany, France: 62 + 80 + 63 = 205 million people. USA=313 million people.

  8. You posted the same comment twice, wrote in all capitals, and then responded to your own comment. You are so profoundly retarded, you can't even figure out YouTube!

  9. hey, i just like the light color of the fabric in the econo classes. so bright and airy. will it hold up over time? who knows. nice thinking though! congrats, lufthansa.

  10. i am american and i don't think that way. i like airbus and Boeing and Lufthansa. what you said is offensive and not all Americans are like that. think before you comment

  11. @freedommm2008 كس اختك يا ابن المتعه يا ابن الخميني النجس و عمك السكستاني اللي متع امك ليله

  12. My seat wouldn't go back, it was a late flight and as i tried to sleep my chair was so upstraight i would fall forward and wake up, go back to sleep, fall forward and wake up, it was torture lol,

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