A quick tour around the inside of the new British Airways Airbus A380 at Heathrow Airport, July 2013.

The ‘plane has four classes: First Class, Business Class (Club World), Premium Economy (World Traveller Plus) and Economy (World Traveller)

Music used with permission. Please don’t click “dislike” if because you don’t like the plane interior – complain to BA instead 🙁


  1. I have just booked a first class seat from LHR to LAX, return, for less then £3000 English pounds. Granted I am not flying until May 2014, but the same flight in 1st Class 2 years ago would have cost closer to £8000. A bargain! I have just check AA and they have quoted $4834 for the same flights, in 1st class. Is it me, or are flights getting cheaper?

  2. Just imagine that if you were asleep and awoke in the A380 you would think that you were in a cinema or concert room so immense is this aircraft!!!

  3. What annoys me these days is how thin the padding is on seats, even in the premium cabins!
    Back in the 80's, even economy class had nice thick cushioning on the seats. It made a big difference on long-haul flights.

  4. Actually I know a lot of people who find the 'Kitsch' look of Emirates very irritating and kind of cheap! Most frequent Business Travelers I know, prefer a 'clean' and tasteful look like Lufthansa or SIA.

  5. I used to fly business a lot and I must say that I am not at all a fan of most carrier's modern lie-flat business cabins. Only because some people insist of have a full-flat product in business, all other aspects seem so become secondary. Some business seas nowadays are claustrophobic! Actually, I have increasingly started to book 'economy plus' because of this. Here, too Premium Eco looks more enticing to me than Business. Am I the only one who thinks so?

  6. Another disappointment for Ba aswell as rude cabin crew a drab cabin that looks dull. Have to say this airline really knows how to seperate the classes this is 2013 BA move with the times

  7. Its almost as if theyre trying to make it look bad. But in all fairness, theres not much you could do with their signature colour blue. Next time, maybe singapore airlines it up a bit, add some light browns and maybe very dark or navy blue first seats and give the outline of the enclosed suite a golden or silver outline.

  8. i can say for the first class it looks very very cheap ..for the business class i can say nice. But well done for the premium economy and economy class love it

  9. compared to emirates it looks bland and boring, the first class looks like a train basic sleeper. Emirates seats look enviting like a lounge chair and first class looks plush and pampered. BA you have gone for a very cheap look

  10. There is a carpet, in this video there is a plastic covering in the aisles to stop wear and tear before commercial passengers were on board

  11. Very dull, bland, far too much brown! Brown seat covers! brown walls dividers! brown cushions! I love BA but I must say the interior design creative team as let the 380 product down! There is nothing inovative! BA please rethink and amaze us! Show the world you still the one that leads!

  12. 1. BA elected not to have carpets.

    2. Having flown on Singapore Airlines' A380s 16 times, I can verify there is no bar.

    Or it's simple and not overstated. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    Lower your standards then.

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