LONDON — One of 500 travellers aboard an Airbus A380 certain for Los Angeles described Sunday the moment the superjumbo suffered a mid-flight motor explosion and was forced to land in a remote component of eastern Canada.

Enrique Guillen stated Air France flight AF66 from Paris was passing over Greenland certain for California on Saturday when it was rocked by an uncontained motor failure — a scarce crisis in which equipment and other areas break absent from the airplane at significant velocity.

Aircraft engines are developed to have most complications, these types of as snapped fan blades or chook strikes.

Pictures taken from within the Air France airplane confirmed the entrance cowling and fan disc of the No. four motor, outermost on the correct facet, experienced totally sheared off.

Image: The Airbus A380 engine suffered an uncontained failure during a flight from Paris to Los Angeles.

The No.four motor suffered an uncontained failure.