Korean Air Lines Airbus A380-800 Departure In(HD) Atlanta,Ga. 9-8-2013

Korean Air Lines Push Back And Ready For Departure.
The Airbus A380 Double Decker.
1:15pm Sunday

28 thoughts on “Korean Air Lines Airbus A380-800 Departure In(HD) Atlanta,Ga. 9-8-2013

  1. Shane Vergara Cabrera


  2. 버디가응원합니다

    원래 푸쉬백 할때 차들 지나가도 되나? 인천공항이네 국내공항은 푸쉬백하고 택싱할때까지 .계속 스톱라인에 서있는데.

  3. cool2180

    i work at the airport. i would like to how these guys are walking in FRONT of the engine as it starting up. dwl smh

  4. xXTheFurryMutXx

    How do you get a job on the paids on the airfield? Cant you tell me cause im interested in getting a job like this in the near by future.

  5. J P

    I am Korean. I love the A380 so much! Looks awesome! I usually fly with AA or Delta and I have never flown with A380, tho. : (  BTW, THE HEAD OF THE PLANE LOOKS LIKE A DOLPHIN'S (9:36) I am going to send an email to AIRBUS in order to suggest changing the name of it into D380, short for dolphin 380. A380 is not a proper model name,is it? I believe I can get a job offer from AIRBUS. Mom!!! I am no longer jobless!! lol ㅋㅋㅋ I will get you a present soon!! ㅋㅋ lol


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