Atterrissage à San Francisco de l’A380-800 de la compagnie Lufthansa. Avec les communications radios. Images du cockpit, de la tour de contrôle, du tarmac…

Landing at San Francisco’s Airport A380-800 Lufthansa. With radio communications. Images of the cockpit, control tower, the tarmac …


  1. I view many cockpit videos, but this one is awesome HD, what really amazed me is the different camera crews on the ground on the path of landing great idea thanks for uploading

  2. Airport A380-800 Lufthansa dusseldorf  to frankfurt airport LH454, LH463, LH712 747-830 TO SEUL NOW!   I DO NOT BELIEVE! Video is BEAUTIFUL! 

  3. Interesting video of showing several BayArea landmarks. However the plane is going around many spots and looks like taking a long detour, or not a straight path? 1:52 showing San Bruno and 2:58 showing Silicon Valley, or about 1 minute later. At 200 knots air speed, it will take about 12 minutes, not 1 minute?

  4. DLH 454 Prepare for visual approach rwy 28L … ???? ILS ? 28 L ! For visual approach rwy 28L… and expect ILS approach rwy 28R…Captain was probably a little angry 😀

  5. I so enjoyed that flight! After flying smaller Aircraft and working for American AIrlines on the Ground crew pushing the monsters off the gate and bringing them in and wing walking I always wanted to get behind one of these big Jets to fly. I love Lufthansa Well done Captain and Co-Pilot you make it look so easy! God Bless!

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