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  1. the new first class from lufthansa is nice, but is not the best… you basically have no privacy… that's a little disappointing… hopefully will be cheap compared to other first class

  2. this bird has surprisingly changed better! well recommendation to fly with Lufthansa for yearly holiday later, but i would like to choose the business class, thank you uploader.

  3. It looks like if "IKEA" could outfit an airline Ha! I much prefer Emirates A-380 First Class. The suites are more private with closable doors as is Singapore as well. Those seats seem wide open with little to no privacy minus a simple divider…

  4. not great filming of the food… camera didn't focus on it and you showed it from the side instead of from above? Didn't say what was on the menu either?

  5. You're going to have to do a better job of vlogging if you hope to continue. This was the worst vlog on flying I have ever seen. Nothing of the limousine service taking you to the airport! Nothing of the first class lounge! The menu and wine list were unreadable. The little food that was shown, was not identified. Too much time spent on the black outside with blurry lights. Too much time spent on a dreary tray table with plate, knife and butter. You get the point I think! Lufthansa always has fabulous food yet you failed to make that point!

  6. For all the glitz and glamour of the Mideast carriers, in the end Lufthansa offers a superior product in subtle ways. Seldom late, always cordial, the flight staff know what they're doing and do it well. Who wants to take a shower on a plane? How dirty were you when you got on? And as the ISIS mess grows, the carriers in the Mideast are going to find themselves flying some odd routings just to leave home. Also, their heavy investment in the a380 had better prove to be a wise choice. Probably me but…if it's not a Boeing, I'm not going.

  7. Hi there.  I think you forgot to make sure the surround-sound was recording.  I'm so sorry, but I just want to think that you meant to make sure you recorded this with the surround-sound since you had it there near the beginning of the video.  Please don't be angry with me for pointing this out.  You see, I can only listen to these videos, because I'm totally blind, and I'm always listening to see if the sound quality is as good as the picture is to my sighted counterparts.  What type of camera(s) do you use? 

  8. I prefer the product on the 747-400 with the separate bed. Love the F terminal at FRA. Their on board food not so much. Just not to my taste usually. 

  9. This is really nice video 🙂 But I think this first class on Lufthansa just does not comparable with Emirates A380-800 First Class Suite. Emirates gives you real privacy and beautiful interior in the private suite… and that shower facility just rocks on Emirates First Class. Wish Lufthansa would have the same……..

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