1. Singaporean kiasu spirit right there. Everytime just talking about themselves as priority. Everyone here also burning fuel pls.

  2. He might have caused his passengers to be a couple of minutes late to their destination, but if he had scraped another aircraft, they would have probably had to wait until the next day for another flight. Better safe than sorry, especially when your career is on the line.

  3. 20 feet of clearance is tight and from the cockpit window it probably looked extremely tight. When in doubt ask for help. Other airliners can wait, it is better then just saying Oh i can wing it.

  4. Ramp tower don't know what's going on half the time and I've seen some mad traffic jams on the ramp. The controller doesn't shout and is easy to understand unlike most of them so good for her. It's extremely congested on the ramp at JFK.

  5. 밑에 몇몇ㅅㅂㄴ들 헛소리하는데 신경쓰지마시고. 영어가 모국어가 아닌데 발음이 조금 이상한건 당연한거라 생각합니다. 그런데 가끔 대화를 하면서 중간중간에 한국사람들
    아.. 어.. 으.. 이런말 많이 써요. 이런게 듣는사람들로 하여금 헤깔릴수 있다는거 참조해 주세요.

  6. 1:28 Ah, retarded to weed it over is a rabbit up there, tap tap. In my eyes, there's the railroad stays, just sayin. And wait, we are tryin' to what? I'm not sure.

    "Please say again."

  7. 씨발 네이티브들이 영어못한다고 하니까 지주제도 모르고 영어다못한다고 한결같이 다 물타기하네 보니까 조종사랑 관제사랑 그다지 의사소통 문제도 없어보이는구만 동아시아인들 특성상 영어랑 언어구조가 달라서 머릿속에 문장구조만들고 그걸 읽어야하기 때문에 어버버 거리는거랑 발음상 문제가 있지만 그거는 네이티브나 어렸을때 부터 살고있는 재미교포들이나 해결할수 있는 문제지 대부분이 조종사의 안전에 대한 인식을 칭찬할 때 어떻게든 남 약점  찾아내서 헐뜯을려는 한국인들 종특이 보이네

  8. everyone was professional on radio prob because its being recorded..But can i ooint out the obvious, the one who Caused the Jam was an KOREAN…lol butits a 380 so i def understand

  9. I love how the American airline respected his decision by saying good call. Plus the other pilots respecting him for putting safety above all else

  10. What they need to do is make Airports HUUUGE and wide, there is enough land. The land is free and paving over must be one of the cheapest things to do. Of course this only applies to newly built airports and new runways and taxiways.

  11. What is the standardised unit of measurement on the ground?  I would have though metres would be the default, given all but 2 countries use the metric system?

  12. I have seen wing tips brush ,ground equipment slightly ding things and it cost millions. Damage,loss of revenue, downtime etc. The PIC is always responsible for the aircraft. If a linemen,guide directs you into something,YOU are at fault. Thats why you can refuse any ATC command as ultimately you are responsible.

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