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  1. I am thinking of doing this exact trip in the very near future, a few weeks or so, is all that food included or extra? I am also flying business class for first time (if I bite the bullet and book it!)

  2. Guy You didnt show the important thing a person looks for in a Business Class flight review, what was the seat layout 1-2-1 or 2-2-2 I wont travel on a 2-2-2 because I'm not paying big money for someone to climb over me or I have to climb over someone else. These reviews are great, but I like to know how each Airline does its seat layout on each type of aircraft.

  3. Having made this trip 30+ times in Economy / Premium, I think it is time I stepped it up . . . Time to juggle some finances for the October trip 🙂

  4. Hi great video, thanks for the review. Do you fly to Thailand for business trips or for pleasure? If business, what is your career? I'm curious as I'm part Thai part English currently living in England and would love a job where I can travel to Thailand from time to time as part of my career.

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