Let’s see what you get for a $12,200 USD one way flight. There are 560 passenger on board this Lufthansa Airbus A380 flight in this episode of Food and Travel with D’Olive Branche. D’Olive looks at extreme service in first class where there are only 8 seats.


  1. You are a great storyteller, editor and thoroughly enjoyed watching your creation! Thankyou for sharing with us your experience in the style of your manner! Safe travels!!

  2. Have to say very poor video dubbing of stewardess voice and why take this journey you seem to be complaining and critercising every thing and its boring when you keep refering to the price.

  3. I love this food and travel video you've made I've watched it like 15 times! I do a lot of traveling my self and this video makes want to travel even more ! Are you gone be posting any more videos like this soon?

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