Hey guys, I’m really excited to present this new A380 report! It was the first time for me to fly with Lufthansa, and I have to admit that their product is really good! The cabin looks very nice, seats are very comfortable and the crew was really welcoming.

Through this report, you’ll be able to enjoy the stunning view we had when leaving JFK, the different spaces of the aircraft, as well as the food served and a quick overview of the IFE.

Hope you enjoy!


Airline: Deutsche Lufthansa AG, LH, DLH
Airport of departure: John F. Kennedy International airport, JFK, KJFK
Airport of arrival: Frankfurt Airport, FRA, EDDF
Aircraft: Airbus A380-841
Registration number: D-AIMB (MSN 41, named “München”)
First flight: January 22nd, 2010
Engines: Rolls Royce Trent 970
Flight Number: LH401
Date: September 11th, 2015
Flight duration: 6h40


  1. Last time I went on a plane I took out the safety card to read it. Next thing I know 5 people are staring at me. BTW They didn't read the safety card. It was VERY awkward.

  2. As you had the experience both of A380 and 748,which one would you prefer for this trip? What are the biggest differences as a passenger?

  3. Does this plane have USB charging ports in the seats or outlets of some sort for charging? The last Lufthansa flight I was on for 7.5 hrs did not and all of my devices ran out of power an hour into the flight.

  4. where there any usb charging ports in the economy seats? we will be flying houston to frankfurt in dec with 2 small children for 9.5 hours.

  5. Very nice video! I was in L.A. in April 2016 and flying first time with the Lufthansa A 380. The best plane i can say! Video on my channel. My seatplace was unfortunately not as well as your´s.

  6. very nice video my friend! thanks for sharing and uploading! how did you like lufthansa? I think they have a good inflight product, nothing special but also nothing to complain about. how was the food? dinner looked a bit strange…I like your style of reviewing, showing everything from the very beginning! well done!looking forward to your next review!

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