Lufthansa Airbus A380-800 D-AIMI “Berlin” takes off on flight LH 463 towards Frankfurt on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Remarkably, the bird took a detour running on a taxiway adjacent to Sierra briefly. This was caught with Jonathan Z. (ThePilotfromNYC) who is visible in the distance as the big bird rolls. Great pleasure to see you, John!
Also note the Metlife “Snoopy 1” blimp covering the Cadillac Championship in the distance.
Note: pardon the occasional jerky camera moves. I think I need to lube my tripod again.


  1. Can't believe they're getting bigger. Est 2020 200+ more passengers. I can't believe it but I love it. Hopefully I fly one one day. Love Lufthansa. Love the Airbus a380 I'll love the A380-10/1000. So beautiful!!!!

  2. wheres the best place to watch the planes? Ive always wanted to go a plane spot at Miami intl but I can never find a good spot

  3. Thats one BIG JET! I got to go so one of those! Do you say "Nice Catch!" when filming airliners like we do when we video trains?!?!?!? 😀

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