Here are highlights of the mighty A380 demonstrations at Farnborough Airshow 2012.

Firstly is the Malaysia Airlines example giving the full display, then highlights of the factory A380 in the “Love At First Flight” livery in atrocious weather conditions,


  1. Energetic Giant, but i have cancelled fly by MAL with this plane, pilot said it was system brake trouble. I think brake system a380 must get attention for next edition

  2. Now this Aircraft type Airbus a 380 and cangging of its existence is seriously fantastic When a country as powerful as the Airbus Aircraft has Indonesia 380 with the capacity type Airbus 380-800, it is remarkable the aircraft for long distance as well as the Interior is very comfortable and also very smooth engine vibes reply heard from within the cabin, convenient for long-distance travel, when Indonesia has a sophisticated Plane Airbus 380…?

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