What a soft landing for such a large aircraft! Fantastic Rolls Royce Trent 900 engine sound on approach and touch down! Watch as we approach from the West and softly land on Runway 9! No major reverse thrust here as we needed to coast down the runway to Terminal J where our gate was waiting! Beautiful clear skies and coupled with a light breeze off the ocean! You can see the many highways and homes of the Miami metropolitan area! Fantastic service on board this flight complete with 2 meal services and ample beverage offerings! Gorgeous flight attendants! Filmed from the Economy cabin on board Lufthansa! Flight 462 from Frankfurt. 5/22/14.

Was für eine weiche Landung für ein so großes Flugzeug! Fantastische Rolls Royce Trent 900-Motor-Sound auf Annäherung und landen! Beobachten Sie, wie nähern wir uns aus dem Westen und sanft landen auf Runway 9! Keine größeren Schubumkehr hier als wir brauchten zu Küste über den Laufsteg zum Terminal, wo J unserem Tor wartete! Schöne klare Himmel und gekoppelt mit einer leichten Brise vom Meer! Sie können die vielen Straßen und Häuser der Metropole Miami zu sehen! Fantastischer Service an Bord dieses Fluges komplett mit 2 Verpflegung und ausreichend Getränke-Angebot! Wunderschöne Flugbegleiter! Von der Economy-Kabine an Bord von Lufthansa Gefilmt! Flug 462 von Frankfurt. 5/22/14.

Lo que un aterrizaje suave de un avión tan grande! Fantastic Rolls Royce Trent 900 el sonido del motor en la aproximación y aterrizar! Mira como nos acercamos desde el Oeste y suavemente aterrizar en la pista 9! No mayor del inversor de empuje aquí ya que necesitábamos costa por la pista a la Terminal J donde nuestra puerta estaba esperando! Cielos claros y hermosos, junto con una ligera brisa del océano! Usted puede ver las muchas carreteras y viviendas de la zona metropolitana de Miami! Fantástico servicio a bordo de este vuelo completo con 2 servicios de comidas y ofrendas de bebidas abundantes! Auxiliares de vuelo precioso! Filmado desde la cabina Economy a bordo Lufthansa! Vuelo 462 de Frankfurt. 22/05/14.

Airline: Lufthansa, LH
Plane: Airbus A380-841
Aircraft Delivery: 4 April 2011
Reg: D-AIMF “Zurich”
Flight Number : LH462
Airports: Miami International Airport MIA KMIA
Runway Used: RWY 9
Date: 22 May 2014
Flight duration: 9h 14mins
Delay: 36mins
Time of day: 2:20pm/1420
Seat: Row 58, Seat 58A
Origin: Frankfurt Airport

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  1. Nice video, but i will say, there is no such thing a soft A380 landing. Every single time im on one, it gives u a solid reminder ur here! Faaar diffrent from a smooth A330 or 777

  2. Amazing to see how much the wing droops from the 1st engine to the 2nd engine and from 2nd engine to the wingtip once it's on the ground.

  3. Absolutely in love with this plane!! Is the A380 the largest civilian aircraft in use, or is that the Dreamliner 787? It's amazing how the best airlines in the world utilize Airbus for the majority of their fleet– I've seen that many pilots abhor the joystick and prefer the Boeing models. Watching these babies fly, I can't understand how an aviation lover could possibly hate this behemoth.

  4. I was there for the maiden flight for a 380, me and my mother were sitting outside the airport we met the CEO of Airbus and when we saw this massive bulk my mom was like "that thing ain't taking of" and I was surprised and I think my mom was too when it lifted off and I was pumped to get to ride in one and I'm doing so in a week to Dubai ! 😉

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