On board Emirates A380, Brief tour of First, Business and Economy cabins plus Bar and Shower Spas. This video was shot on two different aircraft so there are some slight variations. The final section illustrates that the A380 is subject to the effects of turbulence!


  1. It's amazing the design , detail , and engineering that's went into this aircraft , it really is impressive . I just think the a380 is a flop , and my reasons are its cost , it's restricted to few airports , and you pretty much have to have full capacity every flight to offset the high cost of operating it. It's amazing aircraft it just can't compete with Boeing . The future is the 767 not the a380 in my opinion .

  2. This was a very good explanation for different parts of the planet … easy and understand what you want to say to all people about going with this tya of fly companies

  3. I have no idea why I'm watching aircraft tours, but what a great video! Nicely done. Beautiful bird, and I'm terrified of flying (though I still do when it's the only choice)

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