Outerra Version
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  1. The graphics are wonderful, the topography is really nice and believable, but I can't see the point for Outerra ATM. It just a sand box to put dummies, little houses and ride vehicles with no goals? There's also no damage or iteration between the objects, the Forum has few to none information, so what's REALLY Outerra about? 

  2. how do you install the demo? when ever i start it up this message comes and i cant play: The procedure entry point InitializeCriticalSectionEx could not be located in dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll. 

    i run on windows XP

  3. Dude, do you see the potential in this? If the FS community converts the FSX models to Outerra, the no longer supported and glitchy FSX will be active in the Outerra engine, which will motivate the Outerra developers to invest more on it and make dedicated multiplayer things and stuff like that.

  4. Bought this so long ago and it still hasn't become anything. This would be good for so many games and sims. Imagine it as the new base for x plane or arma or something new? Space shuttle sim, world war strategy game. Jurassic game. last time I had it installed oculus rift was just talk not even built, does 3d vision work on it?

  5. this needs to be the replacement flight sim for fsx and p3d,could also be used for so many other great simulators such as train sim

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